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WOO + AirTag

The dimensions are 80.5mm x 36mm x 10mm. We wanted to make it as tiny and sleek as possible. On the thinnest side it is only 6mm!

After you unpack the AirTag, you will hear a short sound. This means the AirTag is ready to be connected to your iPhone. When you bring it near your iPhone, you should see the AirTag displayed. You can give it a name and you’re done.

Don’t worry, your iPhone will notify you when it’s time to replace the battery. The coin cell lasts for a full year and is easily user replaceable. 

AirTags are rated IP67 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes). So you could go for a swim with your bike, but we don’t recommend it. 😉

There are multiple criteria that must be met to let the Anti-Stalking-Mechanism kick in:

  1. The person must be moving with your bike for several hours.
  2. The person must be coming home with your bike.
  3. When coming home the bike must be in close proximity to the person’s iPhone.

If one of them isn’t met, it won’t be turned on. After a few days without connection to your iPhone the AirTag will make a sound when it gets moved. 

This should give you enough time to get it back together with the police.

To prevent that, we added security screws which require a special wrench. Of course, this doesn’t make it impossible but harder to remove. Most bike thieves are deciding spontaneously to steal a bike and they have to be very quick. 

GPS trackers are a valid option for bike tracking but they have some severe downsides:

  • The battery runs out within days or a few weeks, whereas with the battery of the AirTag lasts for one year.
  • GPS trackers are heavier and bulkier. Our holder together with the AirTag weighs less than 30g.
  • The initial price of a GPS tracker is much higher, usually around 200 Euros. Besides that you have monthly running costs for the mobile contract of a GPS tracker. Also AirTags work worldwide. If somebody takes your bike to Siberia, you’ll find it there. 
  • Tracking indoors is impossible with a GPS tracker, this is where the AirTag shines. It can even tell you in which floor your bike is located.

No! PLA will degrade over time and change its color. 3D prints are also not very strong. That’s why we are using precision injection molding. The material is a blend of polycarbonate, ABS and glass fibers (depending on the model), which makes it very strong and life proof – perfect for outdoor use and long rides in sunlight.

There is an option to choose Apple AirTag to be included in your order. If you have chosen to purchase an Apple AirTag with your holder, it will be delivered attached inside the holder. 

The spacers are optional, sometimes you have to use them between the bottle cage and the WOO, sometimes you don’t. There are many different bottle cages, some have a convex back which naturally slides into the WOO, pretending it’s a single piece. Others have a flat back (e.g. Fidlock), which then requires the spacers to give it maximum stability. To accomodate both types we put the spacers into the package. Every holder comes with a set of spacers.

We always put two 25mm screws in the box. With that you can mount the WOOs to most frames without hassle – no matter if you are using a bottle cage on top or not. Some E-Bikes only allow short screws which is often stated on the frame. In this case you should choose the variant with additional 16mm screws. The screws are never turned more than 10mm into the whole when mounting the WOO.


If you pay by card, your card details are sent directly to the bank and cannot be read or retrieved by anyone other than your bank. Woocycle cannot see or store any card data. All your data is encrypted and handled by our payment provider Stripe.

There are several ways you can choose to pay. Select the payment method you want to use at the checkout. Woocycle offers the following payment methods: Apple Pay, Google Pay, GiroPay, Sofort as well as all credit cards.

Order & Delivery

Once your order has been completed, an order confirmation will be sent to the email address you specified in your order. If you’ve not received an order confirmation within 24 hours of placing your order, please contact our Customer Service Centre for assistance. Don’t forget to check your spam or junk email folder!

Your order will usually be handled immediately so that you receive your package as quickly as possible. Once your order has been processed, we will not be able to make any changes or cancel your order. If there is something wrong with your order, please get in touch with our Customer Service Centre for the best possible assistance.

Standard shipping (untracked): Free worldwide. The delivery is shipped with Deutsche Post as priority mail. 

Including shipping tracking: 3€ (or equivalent in your currency). The delivery is shipped with Deutsche Post also as priority mail and handled by the local postal services, e.g.:

  • USPS
  • Royal Mail
  • Canada Post
  • Australian Post
  • Die Schweizerische Post

Usually the shipments come in an envelope and are delivered straight in your mailbox.

We strive to get your order sent as soon as possible. Usually, as long as your product is in stock/not an advance order, your parcel will be shipped from our warehouse within 24 hours of the order placement. You will receive an automatic shipping confirmation as soon as your parcel has left our warehouse. After this, it usually takes between 2-6 business days to deliver your parcel in Europe and 4-10 business days for the rest of the world. Make sure that your name is on your mailbox/door so that your parcel can be delivered. Please note that the delivery time is only an estimate and this may deviate. This applies particularly during promotions and public holidays and is not something that Woocycle or its delivery partners can control. Parcels are not transported during weekends and/or public holidays.

If you have chosen shipping with tracking, you will receive a shipping confirmation email, containing your tracking information. It can take a few days for the tracking to start registering but after that, it should be up and running. If you don’t receive your WOO within 10 working days, please get in touch with us for assistance.

Customers living in the EU will not have to pay import taxes or customs. These costs are included in the final price. Customers living in other countries may be charged VAT and customs.

From our experience customers are not being charged. Of course this is no guarantee and may change in future.

Exchanges & Return

We are more than happy to take returns if your product is in new condition and in its original packaging. The packaging must be intact with all stickers and labels (opened packaging to look at the product is OK). Returns must be made within 30 days of the order. We pay the shipping costs for returns from Germany! If you want to make a return, please get in contact with our customer support and they will provide you with the address. 

Once you have notified our Customer Service Centre that you have returned your parcel, we will create a return ticket. When we have received your return and checked that your product meets our return conditions, we will issue a refund. The refund will be made with the same payment method you used to make your purchase. If you have returned your product, notified our Customer Service Centre of the return and had it confirmed, but still have not received your refund within 14 days, please get in touch with our Customer Service Centre and we will assist you.


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